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The POGIL Project Team 

National Office Staff / Steering Committee / Board of Directors

National Office Staff

Executive Director
Richard S. Moog
rmoog@fandm.eduRead More
Associate Director
Marcy Dubroff
marcy.dubroff@pogil.orgRead More
Event Coordinator
Julie Boldizar
julie.boldizar@pogil.orgRead More
Patricia Cook
patricia.cook@pogil.orgRead More
Administrative Assistant
Ruth Ferguson
ruth.ferguson@pogil.orgRead More
Event Coordinator
Ellen Harpel
ellen.harpel@pogil.orgRead More
Director of Development
Britton Miller
britton.miller@pogil.orgRead More
Publications Assistant & Event Planner
Sarah Rathmell
sarah.rathmell@pogil.orgRead More
Elaine Ressel
elaine.ressel@pogil.orgRead More
Multimedia Coordinator
Stacey Wilson
stacey.wilson@pogil.orgRead More
Consulting Scientist and Executive Editor
POGIL Contact Information
Contact POGIL
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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides direction and definition to the goals of The Project. The group of nine meets monthly via conference call and twice yearly in person. Positions on the Steering Committee are determined via an annual application process, and three slots become available each year.


Strategic Planning
Chris Bauer
Read More
Endorsement Coordinator
Alex Grushow
Read More
Diversity Coordinator
Urik Halliday
Read More
Feedback Coordinator
Sally Hunnicutt
Read More
Chair & Strategic Plan Oversight
Marty Perry
Read More
Assessment Coordinator
Suzanne Ruder
Read More
Workshop Coordinator & Website Liaison
Shawn Simonson
Read More
Diversity Coordinator
Mare Sullivan
Read More
Materials Coordinator
Laura Trout
Read More

Board of Directors

The POGIL Project Board of Directors are the fiduciaries who steer the organization toward a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as make sure that the nonprofit organization has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Board Member
Andy Bressette
Read More
Board Member
Lisa Russell-Mina
Read More
Board Member
Laura Phillips
Read More
Board Member
Andrew Schultz
Read More

Past POGIL Leadership

The POGIL Project staff and members extend a deep debt of gratitude to the following people who have given tirelessly in the effort to build this professional development organization:

Karen Anderson, Madison College

Andrew Bressette, Berry College

Diane Bunce, Catholic University

Kelly Butler, Chestnut Hill College

Renée Cole, University of Iowa

Frank Creegan, Washington College (emeritus)

Elliot Douglas, University of Florida 

Gina Frey, Washington University in St. Louis



Michael Garoutte, Missouri Southern State University

David Hanson, Stony Brook University

Megan Hoffman, Berea College

Clif Kussmaul, Muhlenberg College

Juliette Lantz, Drew University

Jennifer Lewis, University of South Florida

Dan Libby, Moravian College

Jenny Loertscher, Seattle University

Beff Mancini, Rowan University and Cherry Hill East HS (retired)

Tina Mewhinney, Eastfield College

Vicky Minderhout, Seattle University

Susan Richardson, Wichita High School East

Susan Shadle, Boise State University

James Spencer, Franklin & Marshall College (emeritus)

Gail Webster, Guilford College

Troy Wolfskill, Stony Brook University