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What Educators & Students Say About POGIL

"(Since I implemented POGIL) I've come to know my students better than ever and the class is always fresh. My students are active and engaged and frequently don't want to leave at the end of class. Students have become less afraid of frustration and are willing to try and figure things out on their own. They are faster at making connections, applying material to new problems, and the questions they ask are better, more informed, and often very probing."

—Andy Bressette, Berry College

Stories from POGIL Classrooms

"Why I Use POGIL"

POGIL Teachers and Students

Students have their say

Sheila Barbach
A Shared Vocabulary for Good Teaching
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Patrick Brown
The Results Are In
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Michael Bruno
The Evolution of a Mentor
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Nyaesia Campbell
Giving Faculty the Resources They Need
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Frank Creegan
Getting Students in the Game
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Gina Frey & Walter Buhro
A Mother and Son Learn from Each Other
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Tim Herzog
Building Community at the Local Level
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Ashley Hill
It Only Takes One Person to Get Others Excited
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Clif Kussmaul
Programming with POGIL
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Laura Lavine
A Network of Teachers
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An-Phong Le
Sharing Solutions, Creating Community
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Dan Libby
Creating an Environment Where Students Can Learn
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Sheila Qureshi
A Western Pedagogy in an Eastern Context
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Kimberly Stieglitz & Ching Yim
A POGIL Network for Community College
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Mare Sullivan
It Will Grow, if You’re Patient and Intentional
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Santiago Toledo
Always on a Learning Trajectory
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Kristi Deaver Uselding
We All Just Want Kids to be Thinkers
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Shannon Wachowski
Shedding Light on the "Controlled Chaos" of Active Learning
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Hasan Maqbool
A Strong Sense of Community
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Charity Lovitt & Karl Bailey
Changing to Meet the Moment
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Amanda Zullo
Career Launch Pad
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Joan Roque
When Change Comes from Within
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Teresa Bixby and Michael Bruno
Helping New Practitioners Flourish
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Susan Shadle
The Evolution of The POGIL Project
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SEPEHR VAKILI | York Suburban High School, PA
I feel like the POGIL program brings people together. It creates a collaborative environment where people can share their ideas and progressively work through the problems to achieve their goal.


York Suburban High School, PA