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Frequently Asked Questions about POGIL and The POGIL Project

Frequently Asked Questions about POGIL

  • What is POGIL?
  • How do I cover required content?
  • How often should I use POGIL?
  • What prerequisite knowledge is needed to use POGIL?
  • Can POGIL be applied to any topic in any discipline?
  • How do I assign students to teams?
  • How do I assign roles to team members?
  • How do I get attention of teams and students?
  • How do you handle reporting out?
  • How can POGIL be used to manage large classes?
  • How can I use student facilitators?
  • How do I maintain focus (if teams get restless)?
  • How do I help students who don't like teams or don't participate?

Frequently Asked Questions about The POGIL Project

  • What POGIL activity collections are currently available and how do I access them?
  • How do I obtain feedback on materials I have written?
  • How do I request a workshop organized by The Project?
  • Can I get access to POGIL workshop materials?
  • How do I become a workshop facilitator?
  • How do I proceed if I wish to present a workshop not organized by The Project? Can I do a workshop or presentation for free to a group that I am affiliated with?
  • How do I contact a subset of POGIL implementers?
  • How do I become a Summer Coordinating Facilitator?
  • How do I become a Steering Committee member?
  • What does the Steering Committee do? What does the Board do? How are they different?
  • If I know someone that I think can help The Project in some way, whom should I contact?
  • What should I do when I write a grant involving POGIL?
  • What should I do when I write a paper or give a talk about POGIL?
  • How do I ask to add something to the POGIL website?
  • How do I get permission to use the POGIL logo?
  • How do I donate money to The POGIL Project?
  • What if my question is not on this list?