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Authoring Materials

Writing Guidelines / Activity Feedback / Endorsement & Publication

Writing Guidelines

The POGIL Project has developed a number of documents to aid potential authors in developing their own activities.  Click on the link above to access these documents.

Activity Feedback

The activity feedback process is for authors who wish to receive formative feedback on one or more POGIL activities that they have written. Authors can receive formative feedback from experienced POGIL practitioners in order to revise and improve the quality of submitted activities.  Click on the link above for more information.

Endorsement & Publication Process

Do you have a classroom-tested collection of activities that is ready for publication?  The collection endorsement process is for authors who plan to publish a collection of at least 12 POGIL activities that have been previously used in the authors’ classroom and beyond.  Click on the link above for more information.

For POGIL Authors

If your collection of materials has earned POGIL Project endorsement and you would like to publish your materials via The Project's arrangement with John Wiley and Sons, please download and read through the documents via the above link that outline the necessary submission guidelines.  

The POGIL Project is currently working on a system to streamline the development of POGIL activities. Read below for a description of the soon-to-be-launched POGIL Activity Clearinghouse.

POGIL Activity Pathway

The POGIL Activity Pathway has been developed to clarify a process by which activities move through an electronic system that is being developed, the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse (PAC). The PAC is being developed to provide a space to facilitate collaboration among POGIL users and authors and provide a central location for POGIL materials that people can use or test, and provide subsequent feedback to. While the system is not yet ready for use, the Pathway document may provide guidance for authors to understand the desired characteristics of activities that would eventually become "Approved" and then "Validated" activities. These terms and this Pathway was approved by the POGIL Project Steering Committee this past year.

The POGIL Project also offers Writers' Retreat opportunities. Please visit our upcoming workshops page for more details.