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We believe every student deserves an education that prepares them to think critically, solve problems, work with others, and experience the joy of discovery.



"As we look forward into the 21st Century and are utilizing very powerful technology, POGIL is a very important piece of making education a human endeavor. I see POGIL as an even more important tool as we move forward into the future of education."

—Leigh Foy, York Suburban High School 

Celebrating 15 Years of POGIL

With Your Gift

In the past year, POGIL donors have made it possible for The POGIL Project to train more than 2100 teachers, reaching 60,000+ high school and college students, who, through POGIL, are becoming lifelong learners and thinkers prepared to solve the challenges of the future. 

Your gift helps support teacher scholarships to POGIL workshops, the creation of new classroom materials, and a strong community of educators working to transform education so that every student learns to ask "why."

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Ways to Give 

Donate Online Now! (Monthly or One-Time Gift)

Or Send Your Check to: The POGIL Project, PO Box 3003, Lancaster, PA 17604-3003.

Matching Gifts: Does your company have a matching gift program? Call Britton at 203-208-2768.

Donor-Advised Funds: Recommend a gift to The POGIL Project through your Donor-Advised Fund, mailed to the address above; EIN# 27-3451654. 

Give a Gift of Stock: You may contribute a gift of stock of any size, with no minimum.  Contact Britton at 203-208-2768 or download our instruction sheet.

Amazon.com: Shop at AmazonSmile.com to donate 0.5% of the purchase price to The POGIL Project. 

Why I Give

"POGIL is teaching for the 21st century. We know that memorization and recall isn't effective. The POGIL Project provides resources for educators and supports those educators with a network of mentors and a community of people who share similar goals and concerns."
Dr. Eileen Kowalski, United States Military Academy
"POGIL is one of several methods that actively engages students in their learning and is an important alternative to traditional lectures. I also approve of the strong faculty development efforts of the POGIL Project."
Hal White, University of Delaware (Emeritus)
"I give to The POGIL Project because of my belief in the value and effectiveness of the pedagogy and the dire need for a scientifically literate society."
Laura Phillips, co-founder, President & Chief Executive Officer, Spheryx, Inc., New York, NY & POGIL Board Member
"Everyone wants to know what I’m doing because my class has good results. I’m not telling my students everything…they’re figuring it out for themselves. POGIL also connects with the Next Generation Science Standards and aligns with all we’re doing to move science forward. I give because it’s nice to spread POGIL out and let other people see what it’s all about."
Kristen Drury, William Floyd High School
"I want to make sure more teachers learn about it through workshops, and students experience it in the classroom. I feel that my contributions are going to a very important use. We are trying to change the way content is taught in the classroom, and POGIL is a leader."
Dr. Mary van Opstal, William Rainey Harper College
“Most schools still have lots of teacher-led classrooms, and that’s not the best way for students to learn. [With POGIL], students are able to construct knowledge and become future scientists because they are learning with 21st Century teaching methods.”
Urik Halliday, Von Steuben Metro Science High School in Chicago
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