The POGIL National Meeting (PNM) 

The PNM, typically held annually (in even years in St. Louis, and in odd years, virtually), is a working meeting intended to allow active members of the POGIL community to participate in important tasks to further the mission of The POGIL Project.  The PNM provides opportunities for attendees to interact and collaborate with colleagues in a variety of ways and includes a mix of plenary sessions, parallel sessions, poster sessions, and open working time.

At the 2024 PNM, we will continue to address ways in which The POGIL Project can assist faculty and institutions as they initiate and sustain pedagogical reform. 

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PNM Application

Attendance at the POGIL National Meeting is by application.  Applicants are asked to detail their history of attending POGIL workshops and meetings, their level of implementing POGIL in their classroom and any experience as a POGIL facilitator.   The application also allows an opportunity to identify the strategic teams in which you are most interested in actively participating.

Applications to the POGIL National Meeting will be accepted until December 8, 2023

About the PNM Application

Who Should Apply?

The PNM is a meeting intended for experienced POGIL practitioners to work on projects related to the Strategic Plan goals.  Due to the nature of the meeting, most participants have attended PNMs in the past and continue their work on ongoing projects.  However, The Project values new ideas and fresh perspective and welcomes first-time participants.

The typical first-time PNM participant has attended one or more advanced workshops, has implemented POGIL in their classroom for several years, and has some familiarity with the Strategic Plan.  Having attended a National Conference to Advance POGIL Practice (NCAPP) is considered a valuable way to gain a breadth of POGIL exposure that is important at the POGIL National Meeting.

Application Timeline
  • Mid-November ~ The call for applications is sent out to our database of POGIL users and is also available on our website
  • December 8 ~ Application deadline
  • Late December ~ Applicants are notified of an acceptance decision
  • Late January ~ Registration deadline for accepted applicants