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The POGIL Store

Did you leave your POGIL water bottle in the Grand Canyon? Did your kids take your POGIL bag to the beach and never return it? Have you always wanted a backup POGIL T-Shirt?Has your puppy chewed up your POGIL bandana? You can now order extras of our all-time favorite swag items!  Click the link below to visit The POGIL Store!*

Visit the POGIL Store

*This store is a new use of our event management platform. Please be patient with us as we get things up and running!  If you notice any issues, please let us know.

POGIL Swag Pop-up Store

This year, we are offering our entire database access to our summer apparel that is usually only offered to those attending our in-person events. For a limited time, you can order POGIL apparel and wear your POGIL pride on your chest!  Visit our apparel partner's website to place your order!