POGIL is a teaching pedagogy that makes students feel

engaged, accomplished &

POGIL is Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

"The POGIL Project is not about egos and CVs, but about putting the students first and providing teachers with tools to optimize learning."

—Shawn Simonson, Boise State University


What makes POGIL different?

Many student-centered instructional techniques can be effective for achieving valuable learning goals in the classroom. POGIL differs from other approaches in two particular ways. The first is the explicit and conscious emphasis on developing essential and purposeful process skills. The second is the use and design of distinctive classroom materials. Three defining characteristics of these materials are:

  • A POGIL activity is designed to be used with self-managed teams that employ the instructor as a facilitator of learning rather than as a source of information.
  • A POGIL activity guides students through an exploration to construct, deepen, refine, and/or integrate understanding of relevant disciplinary content.
  • The application and development of at least one of the targeted process skills is embedded in the structure and/or content of a POGIL activity and is not solely dependent upon the facilitation of the activity in the classroom or laboratory.

Celebrating 15 Years of POGIL


The POGIL Project's Vision

Watch and learn how The POGIL Project continues to work toward its vision of "an educational system where student-centered learning is the norm."

Upcoming Workshops We're Excited About 

Saturday November 14th, 2020
Fundamentals of POGIL Virtual Workshop
Virtual - Zoom
This virtual event is an introductory workshop and is designed for those with limited or no previous exposure to POGIL. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in POGIL activities, observe facilitation strategies firsthand, and learn about POGIL classroom implementation. After attending this session, participants will be able to: list the essential elements of POGIL pedagogy and philosophy list desirable student learning outcomes supported by POGIL pedagogy collect strategies to begin implementing POGIL in the classroom
Saturday October 10th, 2020
POGIL NW Summit Meeting - Puget Sound Country
An informal opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions, try out new activities, and network with other POGIL practitioners. BONUS! 3 STEM clock hours/meeting available through Seattle Pacific University. Cost: There is no cost to simply attend a Summit. If you wish to earn clock hours through SPU, there is a fee of $15 per Summit. Schedule of 2020-21 Summits: October 10, November 14, January 16, February 13, March 13, April 10, May 8 (Pick and choose the dates you want to attend, or come to all 7! ) Anyone interested in process oriented guided inquiry learning is welcome. Bring your peers! Please RSVP to Mare Sullivan at joe.mare.sullivan@gmail.com or 425-821-6884 so we can send the Zoom link and prepare breakout rooms to meet each participant's personal needs.