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2024 Public Workshops

Find out how POGIL can help restructure your classroom environment and enhance student learning at one of our upcoming public workshops.

We offer a variety of in-person and virtual experiences at affordable prices. We hope to see you this year! 


  • Fundamentals of POGIL workshops are a great way to get introduced to POGIL. We offer this introductory experience throughout the academic year and the summer, so find a date that works best for you!
  • Summer workshops are designed for both those who are new to POGIL and those who have previously attended a POGIL workshop. Click here for a Scholarship Opportunity during the summer.
  • The ACS-Hach Program also offers scholarships up to $2500 to support high school chemistry teachers as they identify and pursue opportunities that advance their professional development and enhance the teaching and learning of chemistry in their classrooms.  Click here for more information. Deadline to apply is Jan. 21, 2024.
  • The Dorothy and Moses Passer Education Grants provide support for faculty in small programs and who are somewhat isolated from others in their discipline.  Eligible activities include professional development activities such as workshops related to enhancement of teaching skills that take the applicant away from his/her home institution. All applicants must have been registered and authenticated as members of the Division of Chemical Education (though not necessarily the American Chemical Society) at least 60 days prior to applying for the grant. Learn more here

Workshop Menu

Fundamentals of POGIL (virtual) mulitple dates
Classroom Facilitation (virtual) July 8-11, 2024
3-Day Workshop (in person)  July 8-10, 2024 and July 16-18, 2024
Activity Writing (virtual)  July 15-18, 2024 (July 19 optional)
One 6-hour session in one day
Two 3-hour sessions over two days

This is an introductory workshop designed for those with limited or no previous exposure to POGIL pedagogy. Despite being in a virtual format, this is a very learner-centered, active-learning workshop. There will be a small homework assignment given to help participants reflect on their learning and prepare for either the second half of the day or the second day, depending on whether they attend the 1-day or 2-day workshop. 

Participants will engage with teammates and workshop facilitators to…
  • Learn the essential elements of POGIL pedagogy and philosophy.
  • Observe classroom facilitation strategies that can be used in person or virtually.
  • Incorporate the development of key process skills into POGIL lessons.
  • Explore the structure of POGIL activities.


May 15-16     REGISTER HERE
July 1-2        REGISTER HERE
August 6-7   REGISTER HERE
  • $150 early bird registration (by Sept. 21 for Oct. 21; by Dec. 15 for January 20; by March 31 for events May-August) / $197 regular registration

Activity Writing (Virtual)

Four 3-hour sessions over four days. On the fifth day, there will be a Collaborative Feedback Training (free) for those who have not yet attended this event.

This workshop is designed for experienced POGIL practitioners who have attended any one of the following: Virtual Fundamentals of POGIL workshop, a summer 3-day POGIL workshop, or a 1-day POGIL workshop. The workshop consists of several team activities and individual assignments throughout the week. Despite being in a virtual format, this is a very learner-centered, active-learning workshop. There will be small (30 minute) homework assignments given at the end of the each of the sessions. The workshop will conclude with an optional Collaborative Feedback Training, allowing participants to submit their own POGIL activities to the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse, review others’ activities, and classroom test draft activities. Prerequisite: Virtual Fundamentals of POGIL workshop, 1-day POGIL workshop, or a 3-day POGIL workshop.

Participants will engage with teammates and workshop facilitators to learn the key elements of writing POGIL activities...
  • Writing questions that follow the learning cycle
  • Developing robust models
  • Promote inclusion through models and questions
  • Incorporating key process skills into activity questions
  • Assessing an activity with POGIL Project rubrics
July 15-18
July 19 (optional)
  • $275 early bird registration (by March 31) / $335 regular registration



Classroom Facilitation (Virtual)

Four 3-hour sessions over four days

Despite being a virtual format, this is a very learner-centered, active learning workshop.  There will be small (30 minute) homework assignments given at the end of the first three sessions.  Prerequisite: Virtual Fundamentals of POGIL workshop, 1-day POGIL workshop or a 3-day POGIL workshop.

Participants will engage with teammates and workshop facilitators to
  • Develop students' process skills through POGIL classroom interactions.
  • Collect a variety of tools to help facilitate POGIL activities in the classroom.
  • Explore several methods for assessing POGIL team interactions
  • Build effective POGIL teams
  • Leverage roles to optimize POGIL team interactions
July 8-11 
  • $275 early bird registration (by March 31) / $335 regular registration


3-Day Workshop (In-person)

Multi-track 3-Day workshop designed for participants who are both new to POGIL and experienced practitioners.

On Day 1, participants will follow a schedule based on their POGIL experience level. Those who have never attended a POGIL workshop will attend the Fundamentals of POGIL sessions. Those who have previously attended a POGIL workshop should attend their choice of sessions (Team Formation, Intro to POGIL Labs, or another session specific to your workshop.)  On Days 2 and 3, all participants will follow a series of sessions (a track) based on their content area of interest: Activity Writing, Classroom Facilitation, or POGIL Labs (if offered). For more information on each of these tracks and to view session descriptions and outcomes, please visit this page

July 8-10 • Washington University
(St. Louis, MO)


July 16-18 • Simmons University
(Boston, MA)


  • $500 early bird registration (by March 31 / $550 regular registration (includes materials, lunches, and dinner)
  • $250 optional on-campus housing for 2 nights (includes breakfasts)
  • $100 optional graduate credit provided by Colorado School of Mines for full attendance at workshop. 

Writers' Retreat (in-person)

4-Day workshop provides an opportunity for individuals or small teams to spend focused time on developing, writing, and improving POGIL activities with the mentorship of experienced POGIL author coaches.
For more information, contact Jen Perot.

The retreat is appropriate for authors in all content areas at both post-secondary and K-12 levels.  If you have an interest in authoring high-quality POGIL activities, if you have already authored activities and would like to refine them, or if you are getting activities ready to submit for endorsement, the POGIL Writers' Retreat is a great opportunity for you to get feedback from colleagues and author coaches.

Both individuals and writing teams may apply to the Writers' Retreat. Teams of 2-4 writers accepted to the Writers' Retreat will receive a group discount. A team can be either individuals from the same institution or writers from different institutions who plan on co-authoring activities.

Event Details and Application Info
July 8-11 • Washington University
(St. Louis, MO)
  • $525 registration/ $475 if you are part of a team (includes registration, materials, and 4 lunches and 4 dinners)
  • $325 on-campus housing (July 7, 8, 9 & 10), and includes 4 accompanying breakfasts
  • $40 parking fee


Deadline is March 31, 2024


COVID-19 Virus Announcement
Like most organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic, The POGIL Project established a series of procedures and guidelines for its in-person meetings and events. This information may change with little or no notice, so please check back on this page often to see the latest information. Be aware that requirements may change quickly – thus impacting our events – if COVID-19 transmission rates increase on campus or within the local community, or in response to local, state, or federal guidelines or requirements, we will adjust our procedures.  
For the most up-to-date information regarding the virus, please refer to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website, the U.S. Department of State, and the World Health Organization.