For POGIL Authors

If your collection of materials has earned POGIL Project endorsement and you would like to publish your materials with The POGIL Project and one of its publishing partners, please download and read through the documents below which outline the necessary publication guidelines. Please contact Susan Richardson at if you have any questions or would like to set up a publishing agreement. 

The Project supports experienced implementers who have authored a collection of activities with an endorsement review process.

Determine Eligibility: 
 Publication Guidelines

Find publication guidelines below, including a publication checklist, typography and compliance information, document settings, and layout information for authors preparing their endorsed collections for publication with The POGIL Project. Links to sample templates for both instructor and student versions of your collection are provided.

 Acceptable Fonts

Acceptable fonts for POGIL publications are:

Calibri - headings

Times New Roman - body copy

If would like to substitute your fonts for the two fonts listed above, please contact Susan Richardson at

Page Templates

In order to access page templates for POGIL publications, please contact Marcy Dubroff.