Craig Teague obtained a B.S. with physics and chemistry majors (1998) from Missouri State University and a Ph.D. in chemistry (2003) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Since 2003, he has been a faculty member at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where he has taught physical chemistry, general chemistry, other chemistry courses, and the college-wide common First Year Seminar.  He is currently Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, where he oversees the college’s core curriculum and is involved in student success, retention, assessment, and other initiatives.  His twin professional interests include understanding materials for new energy applications such as redox flow batteries and working to implement evidence-based learning and teaching strategies at Cornell College and beyond, which includes consulting work.  He has used POGIL in some form since 2006, and since 2012 he has been involved in various POGIL Project activities such as workshop facilitation, writing and testing lab activities, the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse, and other efforts.


Craig Teague