Sidney Marquez Boquiren grew up in the Philippines and Saudi Arabia, spending most
of his adult life in the United States. A MacDowell Fellow, Sidney teaches courses in
music theory and composition, and directs the Improvisation Ensemble at Adelphi
University in Garden City (New York) where he has served as the Chair of the
Department of Music and Co-Chair of the College of Arts and Sciences’ Diversity,
Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (CAS DEIB) Council. He sings with the Ignatian Schola
as well as the choir of The Church of St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan, New York. As a
composer, Sidney collaborates with artists on various projects including multi-media art;
chamber opera; dance; and poetry.

As a practitioner of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL), Sidney has
written activities for use in the music theory classroom. He is active in the POGIL
community with the strategic team on Supporting Inclusivity: DEIB Principles. In the
past, he has been interviewed for the POGIL Podcast; served as a reviewer for the
PEACH Award; and co-facilitated eSeries sessions on diversity, equity, inclusion, and
belonging. He is a co-facilitator of the 2024 PNM Orientation, and is a member of Marlie
& the Moogtones, The Pogil Project’s in-house band.

Sidney Boquiren
Chair, Supporting Inclusivity: DEIB Principles