The POGIL Project Steering Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

The Steering Committee (SC) is a leadership team that provides direction and definition to the goals of The POGIL Project. Members are experienced enough with The POGIL Project to be well informed about the direction of The POGIL Project as outlined in the Strategic Plan and are proficient POGIL practitioners. SC members serve as ambassadors for The POGIL Project and help guide the vision for the future of The Project, including fostering the next generation of leadership. The SC strives to maintain a diverse membership that is representative of the POGIL community it serves.

The composition of the SC includes POGIL practitioners from a diversity of levels, disciplines, and institutions who serve staggered, three-year terms. The executive director, the associate director, and other office professional staff also regularly participate in SC meetings. Two new members are selected via an application and recommendation process each fall and begin their terms of service at the POGIL National Meeting (PNM) in June. Their terms end three years later at the conclusion of the PNM. Thus, the terms of service require attendance at four consecutive PNMs. SC members are eligible to serve again after two years off the committee.

The SC has two in-person meetings each year: at the PNM (pre- and post-) and a weekend meeting in Philadelphia in the fall. The POGIL Project covers travel expenses for these two meetings (including sub coverage for secondary instructors) and also pays a stipend during the years of SC service. In between these meetings, monthly videoconference calls are held.

Each SC member is responsible for oversight and direction for one of the goals within the Strategic Plan. Additionally, the SC is responsible for service on working groups as related to the Strategic Plan. The SC oversees the inclusion of new initiatives and projects, development and revision of workshop materials, and other duties as determined by the executive director and the board of directors. SC members also assist with the final selection of POGIL PEACH awardees, SPUR+grantees, and new SC members. Finally, the SC sets the agenda/schedule for each year’s PNM and summer workshops. In all matters of a sensitive nature, SC members are expected to maintain confidentiality.

The SC chair is selected in consultation with the executive director and associate director and is a long-term appointment. The responsibilities of the chair include:

  • Schedule and moderate monthly SC video calls.
  • In consultation with the associate director, develop an agenda for the monthly calls.
  • Maintain contact with the POGIL office to keep informed about issues. relevant to the SC.
  • Maintain contact with SC members regarding strategic plan. initiatives/projects.
  • Assist with scheduling of PNM.
  • Attend POGIL board meetings as a non-voting, ex officio member.

Other SC members have assigned roles in conjunction with the Strategic Plan. Their responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of a goal in the Strategic Plan.
  • Coordinate and serve as a liaison to one or more working groups.
  • Serve on at least one working group related to the Strategic Plan.
  • Provide updates to and solicit input from the SC.
  • Other duties related to the work of The POGIL Project.

Created 6/2018 – M. Perry, M. Dubroff. Revised 6/2019 - M. Dubroff.