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For a list of classroom activities at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, including collections of activities as well as textbooks see below. *

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* Please note that all instructor versions of classroom materials are available by directly purchasing your materials through the publishers (Wiley or Flinn).  Those instructors who choose to buy their books via a third-party vendor will most likely not receive an instructor version as part of their purchase.

Truly Awesome POGIL Activity Showcase (TAPAS)

TAPAS is a compilation of exemplary POGIL activities for a wide variety of disciplines.  These activities will be posted on this section of the website and can be used to give future workshop participants and other interested parties examples of how POGIL can be used in the classroom.

The name TAPAS serves as an analogy for the small portions of well-prepared food (or activities) that are served, shared, and encourage conversation.  TAPAS activities demonstrate the breadth of POGIL implementation and provide an additional tool for practitioners to find and share with each other.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Shawn Simonson, TAPAS Curator, at

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The POGIL Activity Pathway has been developed to clarify a process by which activities move through an electronic system that is being developed, the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse (PAC). The PAC is being developed to provide a space to facilitate collaboration among POGIL users and authors and provide a central location for POGIL materials that people can use or test, and provide subsequent feedback to. While the system is not yet ready for use, the Pathway document may provide guidance for authors to understand the desired characteristics of activities that would eventually become "Approved" and then "Validated" activities. These terms and this Pathway was approved by the POGIL Project Steering Committee this past year.