What is the POGIL PAC?

The POGIL Activity Clearinghouse (PAC) contains student-centered instructional activities at various stages of development centered around the Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) pedagogy. The purpose of this site is to facilitate the collaboration, peer review, and classroom testing stages associated with creating high-quality materials meeting the standards approved by The POGIL Project.

Before you can access content available through the PAC, you must attend a Collaborative Feedback Training Session. This free, online videoconference is hosted approximately three times a year. Registration for this training session includes login credentials for the PAC.

Why Participate?

The PAC is a supportive environment of POGIL practitioners interested in developing new instructional materials. The primary goal is to provide support to authors to iteratively improve their activities and better support student learning.

Connect collaborators

The purpose of the Activity Idea submission category is to support members of the POGIL community in identifying areas of need, generating ideas for activities, and connecting POGIL activity authors.

Receive peer feedback

Authors who submit Activities for Review and Activities for Classroom Testing will receive formative feedback from experienced POGIL practitioners in order to revise and improve the quality of submitted activities and ensure activities function optimally in a wide variety of classroom contexts.

Offer formative assessment

All authors who submit activities will also provide formative feedback through participation in both our traditional and collaborative peer review process. Small groups of first-submission authors will meet online with a facilitator to share feedback, discuss recommendations, and develop insights. After this initial calibration training, authors will also have the opportunity to review activities by completing feedback rubrics directly through the PAC.  

Contact Information

Principal Contact

PAC Curatorial Team, POGIL Activity Clearinghouse (PAC)

Phone: 717-358-3837


Support Contact

Sean Garrett-Roe

Phone: 412-624-1283