POGIL Answer Keys

The POGIL Project is aware that many teachers post POGIL activity answer keys on their school websites.

Please be advised that doing this is strongly discouraged because doing so

  • violates copyright law and

  • does a great disservice to students who are trying to work through the problems on their own.

The POGIL Project and its agents will take steps against those who violate its copyright, up to and including legal action.  Please be aware that we vigorously police sites such as Studocu.com, Chegg, Teachers Pay Teachers, YouTube, and CourseHero.  We also regularly find answer keys on institutional websites and contact both the technology departments an departmental chairs and deans to ensure that our copyrighted material is removed.  PLEASE DO NOT POST OUR MATERIALS ON ANY OF THESE SITES.

POGIL activities are not meant to be used as homework sheets, but designed to be used in class in learning teams. The most important thing about POGIL activities is that students learn to construct their own content knowledge and develop important process skills through collaborative work.  Posting answer keys to shortcut those important learning steps undercuts the whole point of using POGIL activities.

In addition, you should beware of activities on the internet that label themselves as POGIL. They are often either copyrighted materials that should not be posted on the internet or activities that have not been reviewed, revised, and tested in classrooms by experienced POGIL practitioners.

If you see an answer key or a POGIL activity posted on the internet in any location that is not the POGIL website at www.pogil.org or Flinn Scientific (www.flinnsci.com), please email marcy.dubroff@pogil.org with the offending website information and she will endeavor to get the page removed.

Thank you!