Implementation Tools

Role Cards

The POGIL Project encourages instructors to use roles to encourage positive interdependence among team members. However, the role titles and duties are up to the instructor. Here are several examples. Feel free to use a set “as is” or take inspiration for your own.

Team Rubrics

One of the most common questions we get at workshops is, “How do you assess POGIL activities?” We suggest that instructors focus their assessment on Process Skills. These rubrics provide some options for great formative assessment of teams.

Report Out Strategies

Are you stuck in a Report Out rut? Use this handy reference sheet to mix things up.

Pacing Strategies

Keeping students moving during a POGIL activity is a big challenge for instructors.  Keep your classroom technique fresh by varying your pacing cues.

POGIL Activities about POGIL Pedagogy

Students are often unfamiliar with POGIL pedagogy. Here are several ways that an instructor can introduce roles and teamwork to students before the real content work begins.

Implementation Guide

Our implementation guide, written by POGIL practitioners, is available for purchase through Flinn Scientific. It is full of tips and resources to help teachers have a successful experience using the POGIL in their classrooms.