What is OPTIC?

OPTIC is an observation tool for:

  • the coaching and mentoring of learner-centered practitioners who use collaborative small groups

  • experienced practitioners to obtain data on their facilitation

  • administrators to aid in the evaluation of faculty who participate in learner-centered collaborative teaching styles, and

  • the documentation of collaborative small-group learning in a learner-centered classroom.

Available Resources

Below are some tools provided by the OPTIC team. 
  • The OPTIC Manual is a detailed guide of all the codes in the OPTIC tool, including examples of each code to help you better learn the tool.
  • The OPTIC Tool Spreadsheet is a document you can print out if you'd like to conduct your observation on paper. It contains enough space to observe for 60 minutes.
  • The OPTIC Codes are a handy key of all the codes in the OPTIC tool. Keep it close when you are first learning how to use the observation tool.
  • The OPTIC Pre- and Post Observation Document is a document to use to support conversation and goal setting before and after an OPTIC Observation. 
  • Finaly, the OPTIC app is downloadable at https://optic.kussmaul.org/ 

Contact Information

Urik Halliday, urhalliday@cps.edu, HS Teacher, Mentoring

Jamie Schneider, jamie.schneider@uwrf.edu, University, large active learning classroom

Gina Frey, gina.frey@utah.edu, University, large classrooms

Matt Horn, hornma@uvu.edu, University, large classrooms

Shannon Wachowski, shannonwachowski@gmail.com, HS Teacher, action research in the classroom

Clif Kussmaul, clif@kussmaul.org, University/Consultant, OPTIC App