What insights did you have about “learning” as a result of this course? Answers from my physical chemistry II course

Friday May 5th, 2017

  • The group work was something that we all had to adjust to but as a group agreed that it was very beneficial.
  • Review & repetition are key to learning.
  • No one is an island, communication helps develop understanding.
  • “Learning” is hard.
  • We learned how to better apply info in the models to answer questions.
  • (1) explaining to others can help you determine what you need to study more and reinforce what you do; (2) practice often = learning by doing works best for me; (3) listen to others, they can help you see things in different ways.
  • It’s nice to have other group members to ask questions to.
  • It’s more than just memorization. All of the concepts we have learned have all built off of one another and we’ve had to analyze and process the information.
  • More critical thinking helped us with working through problems like the T/F on the exam. The interactive nature of the course helps with remembering how to work through certain problems/concepts.
  • Groups that work together, medal together.
  • Practice makes perfect and review sheets matter.
  • Learning is not about getting the information right away, but really is about being able to talk through problems and help other understand.
  • In terms of learning insights we have had, we realized that collaboration facilitated all facets of learning, including independent information processing.
  • That a lot goes into it, considering all the different process skills you talked about during the semester!