Podcasts Beginning Oct. 20, 2020

Thursday October 10th, 2020

The POGIL Podcast is a new conversation from The POGIL Project that celebrates innovative educators, both in and out of the classroom.

You will hear about what inspired them to become teachers, and how the practice of student-centered education transformed their classrooms and improved outcomes for their students. 
Learn how they’re innovating outside of the classroom as well! Join us as we “think out loud” with POGIL educators, researchers, and others working to transform teaching and learning for the 21st century.


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The POGIL Podcast

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Episode List
10/3               Introductory episode with hosts Wayne Pearson (U.S. Naval Academy, ret., and
                      Alex Grushow, Rider University)
10/20             Episode 1 (2 parts) – Rick Moog, The POGIL Project
11/3               Episode 2 – Sheila Qureshi, Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar
11/17             Episode 3 – Michael Bruno, North Carolina School for Sciences &    
12/1               Episode 4 – Kristin Plessel – University of Wisconsin-Whitewater at Rock
12/15             Episode 5 – Mark McDaniel, Washington University in St. Louis


1/12               Episode 6 – Dalia Hoffman, Von Steuben Metropolitan Science Center
1/26               Episode 7 – Brian Gilbert, Linfield College
2/9                 Episode 8 – Patrick Brown, East Tennessee State University
2/23               Episode 9 – Melissa Reeves, Tuskegee University
3/9                 Episode 10 – Shannon Wachowski, Wyoming Department of Education