1-Day Workshop Standard Agenda

Determine Manager
Warm-up Activity
Classroom Simulation
Credit-Default Swap Activity
Student Responses
Report Out
Student Gains (discussion)
Introduction to POGIL and Process Skills
Guided Inquiry
MetaActivities, Part 1:  Process Skills and Classroom Facilitation
MetaActivities, Part 2:  Learning Cycle overview
Data (student outcomes)

Suggested "Afternoon" Agenda, 1-Day Workshops

The afternoon sessions are customized, based on the facilitator's assessment of the participants' needs. Common topics covered in the afternoon sessions include Classroom Facilitation: Implementing ActivitiesWriting POGIL Activities: How Are Activities Structured?; and Introduction to POGIL: POGIL Labs. However, a facilitator may choose to use any of the standard POGIL session materials and customize them to meet the needs of the participants attending a particular session.