Do you seek formative feedback to improve an existing activity?

The activity feedback process is for authors who wish to receive formative feedback on one or more POGIL activities that they have written. Authors will receive formative feedback from experienced POGIL practitioners in order to revise and improve the quality of submitted activities. Using the Content Rubric Feedback Form, feedback about content learning objectives, the learning-cycle structure, and the clarity and flow of the activity will be given. In addition, using the Process Skills Feedback Form, feedback on the process-skills goals and the cooperative structure of the activity will be given. To receive feedback, authors should submit one activity at a time to Danita Baber: This submission should contain the student activity and any accompanying handouts, an answer key for the activity, a classroom implementation plan if appropriate, and the Activity Submission Form (below). Before submitting an activity for feedback, authors often find it very helpful to check their activity using the Elements of a Typical Classroom, and Author Guidelines for Developing Activities.  Our goal is to give authors and reviewers realistic deadlines, between submitting activities and receiving feedback.  We aim for a turnaround rate of approximately 4-6 weeks - subject to change, depending on reviewer commitments and availability.

The Project uses several rubrics to create meaningful feedback.  Please click below to view those rubrics on which we base our reviews.