The Adventures of the POGIL Water Bottle

Follow our iconic water bottle as it travels the globe

In 2014, The POGIL Project added a signature item to its collection of materials when the POGIL water bottle made its debut at the POGIL National Meeting in St. Louis. The bottle was such a hit, that it has been a fixture at every POGIL meeting since then.  

Not long after it helped wet the whistles of our PNM participants,  our family of creative POGIL practitioners began sending back pictures of the water bottle as it (and they) traveled around the globe. To date, the water bottle has traversed the United States, been to more than 25 countries, and landed on five continents.  It has also been featured in our annual fundraising campaign, as well as our yearly holiday card.  It even has its own Instagram account! 

Below, we feature some of the interesting places our iconic bottle has been.  Please send your photos and your water bottle stories to Marcy Dubroff at We will try to feature as many of them on this page as possible. And happy travels! 

Congratulations to the winners of the POGIL Water Bottle 2018 Summer Photo Contest!

Congratulations to our grand prize winner Madeline Brooks, of Boulder, CO, for her stunning photo of the water bottle on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Click here to view the winning photo and our twelve honorable mentions. Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo to our contest, we appreciate your participation.