What are POGIL Networks tools?

In order to help facilitate the planning and execution of network meetings, the POGIL Project has put together a series of 'Tools.' These tools include ideas for topics of discussion, best practices, suggestions for itineraries, outreach letters, and reflection forms. A network may or may not choose to use any or all of the tools, but they are always available for the network to use at their discretion.

General information POGIL brochure.

Networks Resources

Outreach form letter that can be sent to a school or college administrator inviting the faculty to participate in a free one hour introductory POGIL workshop.

Information on building and strengthening  POGIL mentor/mentee relationships.

Advice on planning and executing a POGIL Network Summit.

Advice and resources for planning a meeting that focuses on writing new POGIL activities.

Discussion questions based on the book 'POGIL: An Introduction to Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning for Those Who Wish to Empower Learners.' Simonson, S.R. (Ed).

Plans and ideas for itineraries of summit meetings.

Request form for a small amount of funding to support a Network Event.

Reflection form for the facilitator of a Network Event.

Reflection form for the participants of a Network Event.

Contact Information

Stephanie O'Brien -  m.stephanie.obrien@gmail.com - contact for Long Island New York area network

Ashley Hill -   ashleyhillpogil@gmail.com - contact for Southern California network

Kimberly Stieglitz - KStieglitz@rcc.mass.edu  - contact for Boston area network

Mare Sullivan - joe.mare.sullivan@gmail.com  - contact for Pacific Northwest area network

Patrick Cafferty -  patrick.w.cafferty@emory.edu  - contact for Southeast US area network

Steve Gravelle -  steve.gravelle@stvincent.edu - contact for Western Pennsylvania area network 

Charity Lovitt - lovittc@uw.edu - contact for online networks