What is POGIL-PCL?

POGIL-PCL (POGIL for the Physical Chemistry Laboratory) represents a community of more than 150 physical chemistry lab course instructors involved in the development and implementation of experiments for this course. POGIL-PCL also comprises a set of experiments developed using POGIL principles that emphasize modeling of both macroscopic and microscopic chemical phenomena, student design and refinement of experimental protocols, and data pooling to assist in uncovering physical chemistry principles.

Contact Information

Alex Grushow, grushow@rider.edu, Rider University, Materials Development

Sally Hunnicutt, sshunnic@vcu.edu, Virginia Commonwealth University, Workshop Development and Social Network Analysis 

Marc Muñiz, mnm111@chem.rutgers.edu, Rutgers University, Research on Student Learning 

Rob Whitnell, rwhitnel@guilford.edu, Guilford College, Newsletter and Workshop Development