What is ELIPSS?

Process skills are important skills that students need to be successful in active learning classrooms as well as in the workforce. The ELIPSS project has developed feedback-focused rubrics that are a downloadable resource for instructors to assess and support student process skill development. The rubrics are designed to assess student interactions (teamwork, interpersonal communication, management), and student cognitive skills (information processing, critical thinking, problem solving). The feedback rubrics not only help students (and instructors!) recognize the types of the behaviors associated with each skill, they also provide concrete suggestions for improvement of each skill. Workshop information and an Instructor's Guide can also be found on the ELIPSS website. 

Watch a short video produced for the 2020 STEM for All Video Showcase: Learning from Research and Practice, on "Enhancing Learning by Improving Process Skills."

Contact Information

Renee Cole, renee-cole@uiowa.edu, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Iowa

Juliette Lantz, jlantz@drew.edu, Professor of Chemistry at Drew University

Suzanne Rudersruder@vcu.edu, Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University