Mare Sullivan

What is your institution? Seattle Pacific University School of Education

What do you teach? Science education

How long have you used POGIL? 18 years (since 2005)

What was your "AHA" POGIL moment? When I finally included roles in team work, my students with ASD were able to participate fully and successfully in team discussions for the first time in my teaching career.

What do you wish you had known when you first started using POGIL? Keep in touch with other practitioners so you can improve your teaching by sharing successes and failures. The POGIL community is accepting and encouraging.

What would you like to see The POGIL Project accomplish in the next 20 years? Establish mini-communities to support every POGIL practitioner

What does the POGIL community mean to you? These are my people - they urge me to stay the course when I am discouraged; they laugh and cry with me; they give me hope for the future of education.