Videos About POGIL

This page contains links to a collection of videos made over the years to use in workshops or donor promotions. They cover the full history of POGIL. We think they are very inspiring. 

More on POGIL

Transforming Teaching and Learning Through POGIL (2019) The POGIL Project as a Community of Transformation

POGIL in Action (2016) How the use of POGIL at a suburban high school has transformed two classrooms.

What is POGIL? (2014) Rick Moog talks about the research that supports POGIL pedagogy, and the process skills that are strengthened in a POGIL classroom.

The POGIL Community (2014) What are the benefits to being a member of the POGIL community?

One Word (2020) POGIL practitioners describe POGIL in only one word.

In teacher’s own words.

We are Teachers. Learners. (2019) What was the moment you knew POGIL was right for your classroom?

Transforming Education Through Community (2020) What teachers gain from being part of the POGIL Community.

A-Ha Moments (2017) Great moments in a POGIL classroom.

A Movement for Educational Change (2019)  Why are you involved as a POGIL Community member?

Why we Give Back? (2017) What makes volunteering for the POGIL Community worth the time?

Seeing the Changes in Our Students (2019) What changes have you seen in your students since using POGIL in the classroom?

Why I Use POGIL (2014) What benefits are there for students when they learn with POGIL activities?

The Teachers Who Inspired Us (2015) POGIL practitioners talk about the teachers who inspired them.

Students talk

Students Share Thoughts on POGIL, School, and Life (2019) What are students learning in a POGIL classroom, other than academic content?

Students Talk about POGIL What do students like about a POGIL classroom?

Students Have Their Say (2014) How does learning in a POGIL environment help prepare you for your future?

POGIL Teachers and Students (2016) How is learning in a POGIL classroom different from a traditional classroom?