Dear Community Member,

If there is anything positive that has come from the past two years, it is learning what a strong and resilient community we are.  The POGIL community has, for many of us, become a family — a family of practice, a family of innovation, and a family of good friends and colleagues. 

Last year, we were excited to share our first community cookbook with all of you.  This year, we are continuing that tradition with an edition that features favorite family recipes from members of your extended POGIL family. 

As you know, good food has a way of bringing people together. So, this holiday season, let's celebrate our community with these festive recipes, featuring appetizers, soups, entrées, desserts, drinks, and this year, even dog treats! It will be our holiday gift to each other. 

Good health to all of you… and bon appetit!

Created by The POGIL Project & Friends