POGIL Activities for Physical Science Designed to Support the NGSS

Sullivan, M. Lancaster, PA: The POGIL Project; Batavia, IL: Flinn Scientific, 2019.

ISBN: 978-1-63709-465-5
253 pages  Cost: $36.00
Flinn Scientific and The POGIL® Project have collaborated to publish this series of student-centered learning activities for physical science. Create an interactive learning environment with 17 specially designed guided-inquiry learning activities.
Includes complete learning activities, answers to all questions and teacher resource pages with learning objectives, knowledge prerequisites, assessment questions and teaching tips. 
Includes 17 interactive, guided-inquiry activities:
  • Chemistry Activities
    • Building Blocks of the Stuff Around Us
    • How are Particles Arranged in Solids, Liquids, and Gases?
    • How Do Particles Move in Solids, Liquids, and Gases?
    • How Does Temperature Change as Thermal Energy Is Added to Pure Substances?
    • What Kind of Change is Happening Here?
    • How Much Matter is Present After a Chemical Reaction?
  • Astronomy Activites
    • Gravitational Interactions Between Objects in Space
    • Using Gravity to Lighten the Load of a Backpack
  • Motion and Energy Activities
    • WhatHappens When Marbles Collide?
    • Energy of Motion: The Effect of Mass and Speed
    • Potential Energy: Three Examples
    • When Potential Energy is Transformed
  • Waves
    • Exploring Predictable, Repeating Patterns of Data
    • How Does the Amplitude of a Water Wave Relate to the Wave's Energy?
    • More Properties of Waves
    • Waves Everywhere! Water, Sound, and Light
    • What Happens When Waves Hit Different Kinds of Materials?
Each package is delivered digitally, with each activity accessible as an individual student PDF and an individual teacher’s edition PDF. The teacher’s edition of each activity includes the answers to all questions and teacher resource pages with learning objectives, knowledge prerequisites, assessment questions, alignment to NGSS and teaching tips. Electronic student PDFs of all the activities may be printed by the teacher who purchased the product. Contact Flinn for a special free license agreement to obtain permission to post the student activities on a password-protected school website.
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