General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry, 2nd Ed.

Garoutte, M. and A. Mahoney. Lancaster, PA: The POGIL Project; Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 2021.

Print ISBN 978-1-7924-9299-0   EBook ISBN: 9798765737354
346 pages  Print: $40  EBook: $32
About the Book
The ChemActivities found in General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry use the classroom guided inquiry approach and provide an excellent accompaniment to any GOB one- or two-semester text. Designed to support Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL), these materials provide a variety of ways to promote a student-focused, active classroom that range from cooperative learning to active student participation in a more traditional setting.
About the Authors
Michael Garoutte is a Professor of Chemistry at Missouri Southern State University. He was introduced to POGIL while serving as a facilitator for the Molecular Science project at several Multi-Initiative Dissemination Project workshops in the early 2000’s. Garoutte published the first collection of POGIL activities for the allied health (GOB) chemistry course in 2007. He also co-authored and edited the SPIRAL collection of POGIL experiments for first-year college chemistry published in 2021. Garoutte has been a facilitator at dozens of POGIL workshops since 2005, including multi-day writing workshops, both in person and online. He has served as a mentor for the IntroCS (Computer Science) POGIL Project and as an author coach for instructors of STEM courses, and also music theory and French. Garoutte also served a four-year term on the Steering Committee of the Project from 2009-2013. On the Steering Committee, he had a large role in workshop development and implementation of an author submission/feedback process. He continues to serve the Project as a reviewer for feedback and endorsement, and by helping to develop and implement the POGIL Activity Clearinghouse and associated workshops.
Ashley Mahoney is the Associate Chair and Professor of Chemistry at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN where she has taught for 17 years. She began using POGIL pedagogy in the Fall of 2002. She has helped facilitate over 25 workshops across the country in addition to being the POGIL regional coordinator for the North Central Region. Mahoney has co-authored a collection of POGIL activities for the GOB (allied health) classroom available through Wiley. She has also assembled a national consortium of faculty to write inquiry laboratories for introductory chemistry courses. Her current research focuses on increasing metacognitive awareness in introductory level students to improve success in the course.