The POGIL Impact Award

Nominations for the 2026 Award will be accepted in 2025

Recipients of this award will have:

  • Effected transformative advancement of The POGIL Project’s goals as defined by its strategic plan.
  • Demonstrated remarkable and sustained impact on The POGIL Project and/or community by either actions, leadership, projects or innovation. 
  • Through their knowledge, expertise, leadership, advocacy, and/or guidance, made a significant contribution over time to The Project with a measured impact.
  • Been currently or recently active in the POGIL Project and/or its community.  


Previous Winners of the Impact Award

Laura Trout, Lancaster Country Day School / The POGIL Project
Andy Bressette, Berry College & Suzanne Ruder, Virginia Commonwealth University
Mare Sullivan, Seattle Pacific University
Sally Hunnicutt, Virginia Commonwealth University
Gail Webster, Strategic Analysis


Nomination Requirements

Individuals may be nominated in the form of a letter (no more than 3 pages) that should focus on the nominee's contributions to and effectiveness in meeting the criteria listed above. Curriculum vitae may be included, but are not requiredUp to three seconding letters (up to 1 page each) may also be included: these should show the impact of the nominee's work on furthering the work of The POGIL Project.  In addition to members of The POGIL Project community, these seconding letters can come from  the outside community, students, supportive department chairs, deans or colleagues. If a nominee is not selected, the nomination will remain in the pool for subsequent cycles.  

The nominees will be evaluated by a Selection Committee comprising a current Steering Committee member, a community member who has attended PNM for the first time in the past two years, and a community member who has attended at least 11 PNMs.  The Selection Committee will recommend POGIL Impact Award recipients to the Steering Committee by the end of September. 

Selection Process

If you have written a letter of nomination or seconding letter, you may not be involved in the selection process for The Impact Award. If no Steering Committee member is eligible to serve on the Selection Committee, a prior Impact Award winner may serve in their place.  Additionally, the Director/Associate Director/Chair of the Steering Committee/Members of The POGIL Project Board of Directors are precluded from writing nominating or seconding letters.  The POGIL Project Steering Committee will determine the award winner(s) at its fall meeting and the awardee(s) will be notified in January.  The Steering Committee will seek, over time, to achieve a balance across types of impact. The award will be presented at the POGIL National Meeting by the Steering Committee Chair and recipient(s) will receive a commemorative plaque. If more than 50% of the Steering Committee is ineligible from participating in the final selection, additional representation to make the decision will be filled by members of the Board of Directors or prior Impact Award winners.

Recognizing the breadth and depth of contributions to The POGIL Project, up to three POGIL Impact Awards may be awarded bi-annually. 

Nominations will be taken in the year preceding the in-person POGIL National Meetings, and must be sent to Marcy Dubroff.  Nomination materials may not exceed 10 pages. Questions about the award or the nomination process should also be directed to Marcy Dubroff.

Initial NSF Grant PIs are not eligible for this award (Frank Creegan,  David Hanson, Rick Moog, James Spencer, Andrei Straumanis.)