Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

Activity Submission Form

To request feedback from POGIL, this form is necessary for each submitted activity. 

For a editable document, click here.

For a Word document, click here.

Process Skills Rubric

Each activity will be evaluated using this rubric.

Learning Cycle Rubric

If the content of your activity is a Learning Cycle, this rubric will be used for evaluation.

Content Application Rubric

If your activity's intent leans toward Application, this rubric will be used.

Activity Submission Forms

POGIL members are eligible to submit activities they've written for feedback from POGIL Writing Coaches.

To submit an activity for feedback, complete the Activity Submission Form, and provide an Answer Key for the activity.

These activities will be evaluated using the Process Skills rubric, as well as either the Learning Cycle or Content Application rubrics, depending on the objective of the activity submitted.

Send your activity and supporting documents to  at the POGIL office.