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Stony Brook Activities for High School Chemistry
edited by Linda Padwa & David Hanson

The Stony Brook University Collection of High School Chemistry Activities was written several years before the HSPI project began, so the activities were not written in the same manner as activities that were subsequently produced by the HSPI Project. Users will notice a difference in style and consistency between the Stony Brook and HSPI activities, but given that the intent of POGIL is to engage students in learning, different formats and styles can be used to accomplish this goal. In addition, the Stony Brook materials were written with a focus on concepts that are included in the New York State Regents Chemistry Core Curriculum.

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    • Stony Brook Activities for High School Chemistry
    • Stony Brook Activities for High School Chemistry
Atomic Theory
  1. Atoms and Their Isotopes (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  2. Analysis of Spectral Lines (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  3. Lewis Dot Structures of Atoms and Ions (Ver 2, Nov 2005)
  4. Chemical Formulas (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  5. Periodicity of Elements (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
Nuclear Chemistry
  1. Nuclear Fission and Fusion (Ver 3, Jan 2008)
  2. Nuclear Reaction Equations (Ver 2, Nov 2005)
Matter and Energy
  1. Kinetic Molecular Theory (Ver 2, Nov 2005)
  2. Calorimetry (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  3. Vapor Pressure (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  4. Phase Changes (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  5. Distillation (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  1. Interpreting Solubility Curves (Ver 2, Nov 2005)
  2. Molarity (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
Chemical Reactions
  1. Classifying Types of Chemical Reactions (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  2. Balancing Chemical Reactions (Ver 2, Corrected, Jan 2007)
  3. Limiting Reactants (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  4. Percent Composition (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  5. Net Ionic Reactions (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
Kinetics and Equilibrium
  1. Collision Theory (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  2. Dynamic Equilibrium (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  3. Equilibrium and Le Chatelier's Principle (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
Acids and Bases
  1. Introduction to Acids and Bases (Ver 2, Nov 2005)
  2. Acid-Base Neutralization Reactions (Ver 4, May 2008)
  1. Oxidation and Reduction Half-Reactions (Ver 3, Jan 2007)
  2. Introduction to Voltaic Cells (Ver 4, Jan 2007)
  3. Voltaic Cell Potentials (Ver 2, Jan 2007)
Organic Reactions
  1. Organic Reactions (Ver 4, Nov 2009)
  2. Polymers (Ver 3, Jan 2007)

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