Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning


There are numerous articles, activities and experiments related to The POGIL Project.  Please look at the Curriculum Materials link for further information.

For those interested in learning more about phasing POGIL into their courses and developing documents specific to their classroom, please check out the Implementation Materials link.

For those who are about to attend a workshop or facilitate a workshop, we also have links designed especially for you.  Please look at the Workshop Facilitator Toolbox and Workshop Participant Resource links.

Ready to try your hand writing a POGIL activity for feedback from our writing coaches? See the Writing and Submitting Activities link to learn how.

New in 2016! The POGIL Project's SPUR+ Grant Program

The new POGIL SPUR+ is designed to promote new ideas and spur collaboration between POGIL community members. SPUR+ will award small seed grants of up to $2500 for proposals that further the goals of The POGIL Project as described in its current strategic plan. See the SPUR+ link for grant guidelines and application information.