Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

SPUR Awards

The POGIL SPUR (Special Project Underwriting Request) Award was designed to promote (spur) diffusion of POGIL by awarding small grants for special projects. 

As of 2010, the POGIL SPUR Awards have been suspended until further funding for this program is obtained. Contact the for more information.

Spring 2007

High School Biology Activity Book
Implementing and Evaluating POGIL in High School Chemistry
POGIL Activities for Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Guided Inquiry in a Physical Science Laboratory

Fall 2007

Development of a peer coaching network
Creating a POGIL workbook for high school chemistry
POGIL Methods to Improve and Assess Concepts of the Mole

Spring 2008

POGIL-ENVY: POGIL Activities for Environmental Chemistry
POGIL Using Manipulatives and Hands-On Activities
Inaugural Conference of POGIL Northwest Regional Network

Fall 2008

BIO-POGIL: It's alive!
SuperLabWorkshop: Lab Workshop & Facilitators Training


BIO-POGIL: It's Growing!
POGIL-IN: Inorganic POGIL Project
Cross-Disciplinary Applications: Taking the Next Step