Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

POGIL-PCL and the Development and Implementation of Guided Inquiry Experiments for Physical Chemistry

This project will implement the principles of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL) in the physical chemistry laboratory, a required course for chemistry majors. The PI (Sally Hunnicutt), co-PI's (Alex Grushow and Rob Whitnell), and participants are faculty members who use guided inquiry techniques to teach general and physical chemistry classes and who also teach physical chemistry laboratory courses. The project, titled "POGIL-PCL and the Development and Implementation of Guided Inquiry Experiments for Physical Chemistry," centers on workshops that will bring together faculty todevelop and implement POGIL experiments for the physical chemistry laboratory. The POGIL-PCL project has three objectives:

  1. To write at least 20 POGIL physical chemistry experiments based on an established rubric that have completed a screen-review-implementation-revise cycle and that include instructor's user guides.
  2. To promote the professional development of physical chemistry instructors with workshops focusedon writing materials, developing implementation and facilitation strategies for POGIL physicalchemistry experiments, and building a community of practitioners.
  3. To create a community of at least 27 physical chemistry instructors who write, review, implement,and use these experiments and who can train additional instructors after the project is complete.
Principal Investigators

Sally Hunnicutt (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Alexander Grushow (Rider University)

Robert Whitnell (Guilford College)


April 2013

February 2014