Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

POGIL and Research-Based Pedagogy Workshops for Chemistry Graduate Students


To conduct one-day workshops for graduate students and post-docs in three large R1 chemistry departments which are highly research intensive and which do not already have a professional development program for their students.

To introduce POGIL and related research-based pedagogies to a population which has not been included explicitly in previous POGIL dissemination efforts, and which represents the faculty of the future.

To create an opportunity for these future faculty to network with The POGIL Project early  in their academic careers.

To plant seeds in three departments and see what flowers.

This grant and The POGIL Project

This project extends the reach of POGIL to a new population of potential participants who will likely be candidates for college chemistry faculty positions of all types.

Provides future faculty the opportunity to connect with an established network that focuses on pedagogy and assessment.

Principal Investigator

Christopher Bauer (University of New Hampshire)

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation under grant DUE-0817144.

Award Start Date: 10/01/2008
Award Expiration Date: 01/31/2011