Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

How can The POGIL Project help you?

We want to help instructors make their classrooms and laboratories more student-centered. Our Workshops are the most common ways for people to begin.

The POGIL Project holds 1-day workshops throughout the Fall and Spring semesters throughout the country, as well as 3-day workshops during the summer in each of the regions we serve (Northeast, Southeast, Great Lakes, South Central, Northwest, Southwest).  Attendance at these workshops is limited, and prices vary depending on location.  Please check our website for the most current information.

For a fee, the Project will also provide additional workshops in your area, depending on availability of facilitators. If you have a specific date in mind, please enter that when you submit your request.

You may request additional workshops in your region using this form, or you may request one of the other ways The POGIL Project might be of service to you.  Our rate sheet is located here.

Presentations, Symposia, or Meetings:

Experienced POGIL facilitators may be able to present at a meeting or conference you are holding. We usually prefer to have a minimum of a 90 minute time slot for any POGIL Presentations. Please enter as much information about your event as are able when you make a request for a POGIL Presenter. 


Experienced Project members are available, by arrangement and fee, to visit you at your institution to provide in-depth guidance for you and other interested members of your institution. 

On-Site Visits:
Alternatively, on-site visits allow you to visit classrooms and laboratories at an institution where POGIL has been fully and successfully implemented.

If you wish to invite the Project to hold a Symposium at your meeting or conference, please also email the invitation to the following email address: .

Assistance or Information

You may also contact us at  or 717-358-3837 with any questions you may have.