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POGIL Appreciation Week

August 23-27, 2021

Thank You!

The POGIL Project community is at the heart of the work we do.

Thanks to your generosity, we provided more than 30 workshops and electronic learning events over the past year and reached more than 2,500 instructors!

Nab Your Gift!

We're so grateful for everything that you've done to support The POGIL Project.

Download a free desktop background, so you can showcase your love for POGIL all year round. Click below to download!

Spread the Love — Win POGIL Swag

The POGIL Project is connected by gratitude. One act of support ripples outward to touch the whole community. When you review activities or mentor a new practitioner, everyone wins!

Say "thank you" to another member of the POGIL this week with a Gratitude Note. Just fill out our short form, and we'll send the recipient a special POGIL message.

Everyone who sends a Gratitude Note will be entered into our drawing to win POGIL swag at the end of the week!