Christopher F. Bauer is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of New Hampshire.  His research addresses student misconceptions, attitudes about learning and courses, discovery-based chemistry curricula, and faculty beliefs and practice. He has presented many workshops on teaching and learning for elementary, secondary, and university teachers. Recognitions include the UNH Jean Brierley teaching award, the Howard Wagner Award for Outstanding Contribution to Science Education in NH (NHSTA), the chair of the 2007 Gordon Conference on Chemical Education Research and Practice, and the Ted Ashford Fellowship from the ACS Examinations Institute. For The POGIL Project, he has served previously on the steering committee, and has facilitated one-day and three day workshops.   He has participated as a developer and assessment consultant in a variety of  NSF projects.  At UNH, teaching responsibilities include General Chemistry for biological and physical sciences and a graduate course regarding research and practice in Teaching and Learning in Science for STEM graduate students. He built and currently coordinates Peer-Led Team Learning at UNH for 70 leaders and multiple courses. Recent NSF professional development funding includes a transformational workshop for STEM graduate students at leading chemistry research departments, and design and full video documentation of an inquiry-based non-science majors course.

Chris Bauer

Goal 5 Coordinator and Strategic Plan