Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

 About the National Conference for Advanced POGIL Practitioners (NCAPP)

We are delighted to announce The POGIL Project's first National Conference for Advanced POGIL Practitioners (NCAPP): Expand, Engage, Empower, to be held June 26-28, 2017.

The idea for this event grew from interest within our thriving community of experienced POGIL educators who have been applying their knowledge and skills in new and innovative ways over the past several years.  NCAPP also strives to be a place where POGIL practitioners can come together to share new ideas, get targeted feedback, engage in in-depth discussions, interact with a diverse community of teachers, and gain a deeper mastery of the POGIL approach.

NCAPP welcomes POGIL practitioners from both high school and college, and from a wide range of content areas.  Although POGIL started in the STEM fields, the strategies for developing new activities of applying POGIL are not specific to any discipline.

We hope you'll join us for NCAPP and inspire us with your ideas, expertise and experience.  Together, we will improve, enhance, and transform education for every student, everywhere.

Rick Moog, Director, The POGIL Project                 Kristin Plessel, Chair, NCAPP