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      Stony Brook High School Activities - Teacher Materials
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      This group contains the teacher materials for the high school chemistry activities available at http://www.pogil.org/dashboard/groups/stony-brook-high-school-activities-teacher-materials/wall .

      For access to the teacher materials, create an account (http://www.pogil.org/apply) if you have not already done so.

      PLEASE COMPLETELY FILL OUT YOUR INFORMATION PROFILE, OR YOU WILL NOT BE GRANTED ACCESS TO THIS GROUP. The necessary information does include the class levels you teach, the name address and town of your school, and your phone number.

      Next, email (pogil@pogil.org) requesting access to the teacher materials. In the email, please include a link to a webpage that indicates that you are a faculty member of an educational institution. If no such link is available, please include the name and email address of your school's principal, so we can verify that you are a teacher.

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      The Stony Brook University Collection of High School Chemistry Activities was written several years before the POGIL HSPI project began, so the activities are not in the same style as activities subsequently produced by the HSPI Project.

      Users will notice a difference in style and consistency between the Stony Brook and HSPI activities, but given that the intent of POGIL is to engage students in learning, different formats and styles can be used to accomplish this goal.

      In addition, the Stony Brook materials were written with a focus on concepts that are included in the New York State Regents Chemistry Core Curriculum.

      If you should have questions about the Stony Brook University Collection of High School Chemistry activities, send your inquiries to Linda Padwa (Linda.Padwa@stonybrook.edu)

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