Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning


    • Algebra Group
    • South Central Region
    • This is a group for the development of algebra-related POGIL activities and laboratories. Corine Robbins is the primary contact for this group.
    • Facilitators
    • Private group for POGIL facilitators.

      This is a place for Facilitators to discuss general facilitation issues and for the National Office to post new policies or request Facilitators for new events!...
    • HSPI Participant Group
    • Private group for the direct participants in the HSPI Project - the Partners, Editorial Board members and leadership team
    • Math Team
    • This is a private group for the people involved in the development of materials for Calc I and Pre-Calc
    • National Office
    • Private group for POGIL National Office staff announcements and discussions
    • Physics Group
    • This is a group for the development of physics-related POGIL activities and laboratories. Patrick Foley is the primary contact for this group.
    • POGIL Author page templates
    • Templates for authors preparing materials for publication. These templates are Style Templates (formatting, font suggestions, etc.) and should be used by authors who are planning on submitting activities through The POGIL...
    • A private group for members of the POGIL-PCL initiative. If you would like access to these pages, please email Sally Hunnicutt at sshunnic @ vcu.edu.
    • Psychology - POGIL
    • A group for those interested in POGIL in psychology. This group is moderated Jessica Hill of Utah Valley University.
    • Southeast Region, A.K.A. POGIL-n-Grits
    • Southeast Region
    • This region includes the following states:
      *North Carolina
      *South Carolina

      For more information please contact Patrick Brown at brownpj@etsu.edu....
    • Stony Brook High School Activities - Teacher Materials
    • This group contains the teacher materials for the high school chemistry activities available at http://www.pogil.org/dashboard/groups/stony-brook-high-school-activities-teacher-materials/wall .

      For access to the teacher materials, create an account (http://www.pogil.org/apply) if you have...