Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning


    • Algebra Group
    • This is a group for the development of algebra-related POGIL activities and laboratories. Corine Robbins is the primary contact for this group.
    • Facilitators
    • Private group for POGIL facilitators.

      This is a place for Facilitators to discuss general facilitation issues and for the National Office to post new policies or request Facilitators for new events!...
    • HSPI Participant Group
    • Private group for the direct participants in the HSPI Project - the Partners, Editorial Board members and leadership team
    • Math Team
    • This is a private group for the people involved in the development of materials for Calc I and Pre-Calc
    • National Office
    • Private group for POGIL National Office staff announcements and discussions
    • Physics Group
    • This is a group for the development of physics-related POGIL activities and laboratories. Patrick Foley is the primary contact for this group.
    • A private group for members of the POGIL-PCL initiative. If you would like access to these pages, please email Sally Hunnicutt at sshunnic @ vcu.edu.
    • Southeast Region, A.K.A. POGIL-n-Grits
    • Southeast Region
    • This region includes the following states:
      *North Carolina
      *South Carolina

      For more information please contact Patrick Brown at brownpj@etsu.edu....
    • Stony Brook High School Activities - Teacher Materials
    • This group contains the teacher materials for the high school chemistry activities available at http://www.pogil.org/dashboard/groups/stony-brook-high-school-activities-teacher-materials/wall .

      For access to the teacher materials, please create an account (http://www.pogil.org/apply) if you...