Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

  • Overview

    • Title
      POGIL Presentations at ACSI/InspirEd Convention
    • Type
    • When
      Thu 10/05/17 7:00 PM –
      Fri 10/06/17 7:00 PM
    • Description
      1. POGIL meets British Columbia
      We will immerse ourselves in a collaborative inquiry learning environment as we explore how process oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) can support the BC Core competencies

      2. On a role: Developing and using roles in collaborative learning environments
      We will dig into two research studies to discover how deliberate design and use of role cards can positively impact learning for students who are English language learners, have learning disabilities, or are on the autism spectrum.

      3. Discovering biological relationships
      We will engage in two POGIL activities to develop basic mastery of phylogenetic trees and the use of physical characteristics and genetic information to develop multiple lines of evolutionary reasoning.
    • Concurrent Event:
      ACSI/InspirED Convention
  • General

    • Location
      Pacific Academy
    • Address
      10238 168th Street
      Surrey, B.C. Canada