Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

Affiliated Project Consideration

POGIL members work on research projects, within their institutions and together with other professionals in the field. Over the years the POGIL office has received a number of requests for letters of  support for use in grant proposals. We have also receive a number of requests for the National Office to fully or partially administer awarded grants. If you are interested in either a letter of support from the Project Director or in administrative support from the office staff, please read the following information.

If you are writing a grant, and would like The POGIL Project National Office to consider endorsement or administration . . . 

Please send a copy of your proposal to Marcy Dubroff at marcy.dubroff@pogil.org, a full two months (60 days) minimum before the submission deadline of the granting agency.

The National Office staff, in conjunction with The POGIL Project Steering Committee, will determine if your project fits with The Project's  Mission, Vision, and Values. 

Please contact, Marcy for more information.