Pogil - Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning

What is the POGIL Project?

The POGIL Project is a professional development organization for educators. It became a 501(c)3 organization (tax-exempt nonprofit) in 2012.  There are numerous ways for interested educators to take advantage of the project:

  • Attend a 1 or 3-day regional or national workshop.
  • Use peer-reviewed and classroom-tested POGIL materials in your classroom, laboratory or recitation session.
  • Apply for an on-site consultation in which POGIL experts will help you adapt the POGIL approach to your unique institutional setting.
  • Receive support to visit a site currently implementing a POGIL approach.
  • Consult with a POGIL expert by phone, Internet, or email.
  • Join a POGIL Regional Network to consult with, collaborate with, and support other members.

More experienced practitioners may also:

  • Contribute to development of new materials
  • Serve on various committees to provide support to new adopters

Since the beginning of the Project, we have held hundreds of workshops attended by thousands of people.

Here are some commonly asked questions about The POGIL Project broken down by category:


What POGIL activity collections are currently available and how do I access them?

All of the POGIL curriculum materials are listed on the POGIL website under the resources button (https://pogil.org/resources).  Here you will find links to publishers, links to sample activities (if available), and a growing collection of exemplary activities from a variety of disciplines.

How do I obtain feedback on materials I have written?

Instructions for receiving feedback on POGIL activities you have written can be found at: https://pogil.org/resources/writing-submitting-pogil-activities. The feedback process is intended for authors who wish to make quality improvements to a small number of activities based on feedback from experienced POGIL practitioners. Feel free to contact Sally Hunnicutt () if you have additional questions about the feedback process.

If you have a collection of classroom-tested activities that you would like to widely disseminate, please follow the instructions for submitting materials for endorsement found here:https://pogil.org/resources/writing-submitting-pogil-activities. Feel free to contact Alex Grushow ( if have additional questions about the endorsement process.


How do I request a workshop organized by the Project?

Please visit the POGIL website at https://pogil.org/contact/enter-request and fill out the form to request a workshop.

Can I get access to POGIL workshop materials?

You must be a workshop facilitator to be granted access to workshop materials.  If you have a question about the content of the materials, please email Stacey Wilson at .

How do I become a workshop facilitator?

In order to be a POGIL facilitator, you must go through a formal facilitator training workshop.  The POGIL Project currently holds an annual training workshop in January.  Visit the POGIL website each fall for more information.

How do I proceed if I wish to present a workshop not organized by The Project?  Can I do a workshop or presentation for free to a group that I am affiliated with?

Workshops are typically organized by The POGIL Project, but exceptions may be made for workshops at a conference or professional meeting. 

If you are presenting at a meeting or workshop, please contact either Ruth Ferguson at  or Marcy Dubroff at  well before the conference dates.  The Project will assist you with materials if possible.   Please give the office staff at least 3-4 weeks to prepare materials. A $25 per person fee for materials is suggested.  Any other workshops that require the use of POGIL materials must be organized through the national office.

For workshops or presentations to a group you are affiliated with, we suggest that only short presentations (approximately one hour or less) be given for free.  If your group is requesting a full-blown workshop that will require POGIL materials, you should direct them to the national office.


How do I contact a subset of POGIL implementers?

There are a number of affinity groups on the POGIL website under the groups link.  If you are unable to locate your group of interest, POGIL staff can assist you in locating people in your geographic or disciplinary area.  Please contact Marcy Dubroff at  and she can assist you.  You can also request that a group be formed on the groups page. 

How do I become a Regional Coordinator?

Regional Coordinators are selected each summer at the POGIL National Meeting.  If you would like to be a coordinator, we suggest that you first contact your current regional coordinator (a list is located on the POGIL website) to find out what is involved.  You should also let the national office know of your interest.  You can email your region’s event coordinators and let them know.  Ellen Harpel () coordinates the Southeast, South Central and Southwest regions.  Julie Boldizar () coordinates the Northeast, North Central and Northwest regions.

How do I become a Steering Committee member?

Each year, the POGIL Steering Committee seeks applications for new members.  Applicants should be experienced enough with The POGIL Project to be well informed about the direction of The Project as outlined in the Strategic Plan and be proficient POGIL practitioners in the classroom.  Minimum requirements for applicants are: must have attended an advanced workshop (or the equivalent); have used POGIL activities in the classroom on a regular basis for at least two years; attended at least one POGIL National Meeting in the past three years.  Retirees and administrators are also eligible to apply.  If you want to apply to become a member of the Steering Committee, please email Marcy Dubroff at  for an application.  

What does the Steering Committee do?  What does the Board do?  How are they different?

The POGIL Steering Committee guides the work of the Project by assuring that the strategic plan is carried out.  There are eight members on the committee, each with defined responsibilities related to one of the goals of the strategic plan. The members serve a 3-year term, with two to three members rotating off each year, and new members rotating on at the POGIL National Meeting.

The POGIL Board of Directors directs the activities of The POGIL Project as a corporate entity, and stand in a fiduciary relationship to the Corporation.  Members of the Board are appointed by the other members of the Board.

If I know someone that I think can help The Project in some way, whom should I contact?

Please feel free to get in touch with Marcy Dubroff at  to discuss how your contact can help The Project.


What should I do when I write a grant involving POGIL?

The POGIL Project is always looking to expand and take on new projects. If you are developing a proposal that involves POGIL, or would be interested in speaking with us about potential partnership opportunities with other funders, please contact Britton Miller at .

What should I do when I write a paper or give a talk about POGIL?

The POGIL Project wants to know when you are published or giving a scholarly talk!  Please email the details to Marcy Dubroff at  so she can include it in our growing reference database and our newsletter.

How do I ask to add something to the POGIL website?

Additions/changes to the POGIL website can be requested by emailing Marcy Dubroff at 

How do I get permission to use the POGIL logo?

Permission is granted on an individual basis.  Please contact Marcy Dubroff at  with your request.

How do I donate money to The POGIL Project?

There are two ways to donate.  You can contribute online at https://pogil.org/contact/donate or you can mail a check made out to The POGIL Project at P.O. Box 3003, Lancaster, PA  17604-3003.  Contributions to The POGIL Project are tax deductible.

What if my question is not on this list?

If your question is not on this list, please email Marcy Dubroff at  and she can add it in!