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Click the button above for a list of Post-Secondary and High School Curriculum Materials

Click above for a downloadable version of our implementation guide created by the HSPI project.  It is full of tips and resources to help teachers have a successful experience using the POGIL in their classrooms. 

General Resources

Click links below for general resources such as
Process Skills Definitions
Interpersonal Videos
Galton Box Simulator

The POGIL Project actively works to support the many secondary and post-secondary instructors across the country who are interested in bringing student-centered, guided inquiry methods into their classrooms.

Click above to learn about some of the secondary-level grants that have furthered the work of The Project and also how POGIL aligns with NGSS.

Click above to learn about some of the post-secondary level grants that have furthered the work of The Project.  You can also access some information on using POGIL in large classroom settings. 

The POGIL Project supports student-centered learning in all disciplines. Teachers from a variety of backgrounds have published articles focused on their research and experiences actively engaging their students in the classroom.  Articles that provide a broad overview of process oriented quided inquiry learning are listed at the link above.